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elite dance initiative for youth



EDIFY is a non-profit community program that trains youth to become confident, productive members of society.  We have a comprehensive dance program that challenges those aspiring to become professional artists while catering to those who simply just want a fun recreational program.

Without the support of sponsors EDIFY would not be financially accessible to the communities that need our programs most.

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This is how your sponsorship will help our program:

Expert Instructors


We take care to find and work with instructors who are passionate about their work; have the ability to adapt to changing needs; educated in the field being taught; and who simply think outside the box.

We don't have dance barres at every space we rent so our instructors use chairs, walls etc and are flexible with getting the required end result.  Our instructors are an asset to the success of our programs.  This is why retaining amazing instructors is one of our top priorities.


Your financial support will help us to pay our instructors so we can maintain a high standard of dance excellence. 


Financial Accessibility

To allow more reach within Neighborhood Improvement areas, our costs remain economical for all our students.

Often we get parents who simply have difficulties paying even our economically priced rates. We have gone above and beyond to create subsidized rates for those who qualify based on some set terms.


It is the assistance from individual sponsors and our annual fundraising drive that have kept our dance programs accessible over the years.

We would love to have you on board with sponsorship. The option to sponsor all or part fees for one or more children is up to you. We welcome help in many forms.

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Social Media &


In the past we mainly used word of mouth and direct marketing strategies. The idea behind that was to cater to specific areas surrounding the permitted facility.


With the recent lockdowns many children and families have had to endure significant stress. We want to reach every child who can benefit from our program. 


Social Media marketing will not only allow our reach to be great, it will attract a multicultural community.


Using social media platforms is quite new to us. Obtaining sponsorship to hire a marketing specialist would go a long way in building relationships with and help us better understand our target audiences.




One of the greatest joys for young dancers is seeing their costumes for the very first time. Costumes brings dances to life. They enhance the stories choreographers want to tell. They make the young dancers look and feel good. No matter how rough the year was, seeing the children in their costumes makes it all worth whatever stress there was.


Receiving financial help for costumes means we can continue to tell many stories throughout the year.


Facility Rentals

Facility rentals are paramount to our success. They make creating beautiful dance works possible.  In addition to renting TDSB community space, we also rent additional private studio spaces. This gives us the opportunity to work outside of the typical permitted after school hours set by the TDSB.


Having enough financial resources for facility rentals makes it possible for the young dancers to train in spaces appropriate for the genre of dance they are learning. This further enhances their appreciation for the various dance styles.


Team Building Activities


Whether it's workshops, March Break Camps, Summer Camps, or a retreat at Teen Ranch, our team always find time for team building activities.  Many of our dancers remain friends into their adult life.  This is attributed to having the young dancers participate in activities that helps to build relationships.


We want to carry on the tradition of building friendships.  Support with our team building activities will make dance way more fun. It also creates positive life long memories. 

What's in it for you when you give to this program?

Leaving a Legacy


Giving makes us feel great.  It is said scientifically speaking that it relieves stress. Nobody wants stress.


Knowing that you are building a legacy by helping many children is very rewarding.  This kind of gifting lives on for generations.

Team Building


If you are a large corporate body we can partner by providing dance or health and wellness workshops for your team  before work, during the lunch hour, or after work.

Consider building a legacy by attaching your name to excellence. Partnerships are essential in keeping Canada's economy moving.

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Open Possibilities


Other possibilities include tickets for you and/or your team to our shows, productions and festivals under the direction of Stacy-Ann Vassell.

We could consider having a special show in honour of our sponsors, their team and family.

Your logo would be present on our social platforms, program booklets and acknowledgement at all our shows. 

There are many ways we can let your sponsorship work for both of us.


Connect with us for further discussions.

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