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Award Changes in 2023 & Beyond

Please take the time to read carefully as there are some changes.   For parents new to the program please take your time to read and familiarize yourselves with our policies.


Each year we spend just over two thousand dollars on awards.  The money comes from a combination of monies raised during our annual fundraiser and our annual dance recital. Although unfortunate, this year the awards budget will be reduced by half. 

Here is why?

  • The pandemic took its toll and we went from training 70+ students annually to just over 25.

  • Only a fraction of students properly and actually have participated in our fundraisers since 2018.

  • Since 2018 less than 50% of our students sell 5 or more tickets to our annual recitals.  

  • Parents wait until the last possible moment to purchase dance recital tickets.... [It is likely many are not aware that the theatre, awards, shipping, additional accessories for costumes not charged to parents, booking MUAs and various other items must be paid in advance. 

  • Approximately 70% + do not meet our  March 31 deadline for selling recital tickets and paying for Tees, MUA et. 


Bottom line is that students will need to seriously work smart and be at the top of their game to receive awards at the recitals going forward.


To determine who receives fundraiser trophies we calculated the average of all students who [went above and beyond] raised $150+.  The average was $269.  Therefore it was determined that all students who raised $250+ will receive a fundraising award at our annual recital.  

black girls dance award.jpg


Miss fewer than four classes for the dance season.  Consistently attired in the required dancewear.

black dancers toronto.jpg

Fundraiser Participant

Medallion given to each participant who meets the goal of fundraising $100+. 

black dancer with award.jpg

Top Fundraiser

Trophy given to our top fundraiser and to students who went above and beyond to raise $250+. 


Most Improved

Medallion given to student who shows the most improvement in class; attitude; energy; and/or understanding of dance vocabulary/technique.

black dancers with medallions.JPG

Best in Class

Medallion given to student who understands dance vocabulary; takes care to execute movements properly;  respectful to others; helps others to learn.

black dancer awards.jpg

Special Mention

Award given to student who shows patience; one who may be hospitable or celebrating a milestone.  This changes based on the students in the program.

black child receiving award.jpg

Isaiah Parkinson Award

of Perseverance

A fairly new student to the program who works hard; shows up ready to be intentional; keeps trying to overcome obstacles; is always properly attired.

happy black girl with award.jpg


of Distinction

Outstanding student who is supportive of their peers; met the fundraising goal of $150+; miss fewer than 4 classes; sold 5 recital tickets by March 31; attentive and respectful in class.

black girl with awards.jpg

Basil A Miller Award

of Excellence

Student with highest honour for the dance season who personifies a heart of humility, loves God and is a well rounded student in all areas of the company.

elite dance initiative for youth_edited.jpg

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