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StacEy-Ann Vassell

Founder, Director, Choreographer, Costume Designer


Over 20 years’ experience as a dance director, choreographer and costume designer.  Exceptional ability to match music and dance styles to dancers of varying dance levels.

Taken on roles with other organizations as Rehearsal Director, Stage Manager, Wardrobe Consultant, Pageant Judge, Dance Competition Judge and Youth Mentor.

Stacy-Ann Vassell
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I get a rare opportunity to see my students grow artistically and I love that. 

- Stacey-Ann Vassell

Stacy-Ann Vassell

My Story

As a young child Stacey-Ann was always intrigued by the performing and creative arts. Her artistic journey and first introduction to dance came from being in the children’s program at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Kingston Jamaica. As she prepared for her first Christmas pageant, an instructor from St. Theresa Prep gave her a taste of ballet and she was hooked. Upon immigrating to Canada in 1987 Stacy's mom enrolled her in rhythmic gymnastics and a year later her dad encouraged and brought her to visual arts classes.  The combination of dance, art and her love for fashion were continually being nurtured throughout her life. 


In grade seven after seeing a car accident victim on video, Stacey-Ann Vassell decided being a doctor or a dentist was just out of the question. Looking at blood was too difficult.  She decided then that she was going to be the director of a theatre company of some sorts.  Sadly, it was not possible to tell her parents she wanted to be a dance teacher or an artist or anything related to the arts for that matter.  Instead, Stacey-Ann Vassell enrolled in the Architectural Science program at Ryerson University. In year three she chose the Building Science option where she felt she could blend her love for the theatre (theatre design) in an artistic field. Stacey remembers doodling costumes and props at the sides of her assignments. Needless to say, her mind was never fully enrolled in the program.  Nearing the end of third year Stacey-Ann was fortunate to be given what she believed to be her dream job working for LMG Drafting which led her to Rybka, Smith and Ginsler Limited.  She took the opportunity. After a few years in the Architectural sector, it became clearer that her calling was working with young people within the performing and creative arts. In 2009, Stacey-Ann Vassell left the corporate world and focused entirely on creative arts.

Today, her work embodies a vast array of dance styles. Stacey's choreography explores the tyranny of social injustice, identity issues, Afro-Caribbean culture past and present, and the role churches and missionaries have played for centuries.  She stands encouraged by God, the dancers and the public who continue to believe in and support the work she does.

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