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Our Story

In September 2013 I brought lunch for my niece at her elementary school.  I overheard two parents discussing various recreation programs they had their children involved with. One parent had her child in a number of private programs while the other parent mentioned how she could barely afford the YMCA dance program she had her daughter join. Because I had been to the school’s talent showcases, I knew how talented the daughter of the parent with financial difficulties was. This sparked a need to act accordingly in support of economically viable recreational programming.  


After leaving the school I immediately took action to create a space fostering creativity for marginalized youth within Scarborough Village. Six months later on March 25, 2014 the Elite Dance Initiative for Youth welcomed its first group of young dancers.  

Stacey-Ann Vassell



Many of my choreo literally comes from watching the children at play.  During this time they are totally themselves.

- Stacey-Ann Vassell


"There is something about those dancers at EDIFY and Elite Dance and Company.  Their  on and off stage presence is simply  amazing. True team power."

- Anna, theatre patron


edify ace 2 crop_edited.jpg

"Being in Elite with one daughter now 20 to EDIFY with my younger daughter. I can only say that Stacey Vassell is an amazing and dedicated director whose inspiration and wonder work with our children is a blessing straight from God."

- Nicola,  Taisha 's mom

maya thomas summer camp_edited.jpg

"Dancing this season not only helped my daughter to build confidence and self esteem but she learned to embrace her height and most importantly learned to accept constructive criticism which is crucial for self growth. Thank you Stacey and all the others who were part of helping my daughter grow and of course teaching her how to dance."

- Marsha, Tiana's mom

"Hey Stacey! Just letting you know that Soleil is in love with dance. She said it surpasses choir and soccer. Lol."


- Tiffany, Soleil's mom

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