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At EDIFY we make every effort to teach our students a variety of dance styles.  We stay up to date with the latest dance trends and accommodate our students' need and desire to develop artistically.

In addition to exceptional dance training, our students also learn about nutrition and the role it plays in their overall health.  They learn life lessons to assist with their emotional, social and physical well being. We value the history lessons our students are taught as it helps them to better understand foundational principles like who they are and where they come from and what is their purpose.   

Expanding our students knowledge makes a well rounded individual and the beginning of a leader.


empower leaders

Everyone is not born a leader.  Leaders must develop healthy habits over a period of time. At EDIFY we have an awesome track record of students attending classes regularly and on time.  We have a system in place that encourages our students to be in proper attire during all classes.  We have specific warm up and work out routines that is embedded in the core of all of our students.  We affirm our students in words and with music reminding them that they are amazing, they are doing well and that they are enough. Needless to say, we develop healthy habits in each of our young dancers.


Additionally, our dancers often get a chance to teach and even  choreograph.  This helps our young dancers to use their creativity while taking responsibility for outcomes.  We work diligently to create leaders who will be productive citizens in their communities.


encourage community engagement

Its one thing to be on a stage performing for an audience.  It is an entirely different feeling and sense of accomplishment when we engage our communities to join us on stage at various community events.  

Dancing with seniors at nursing homes, war vets at the Sunnybrook hospital and engaging children at various daycare centers and schools are traditions we hope to follow like the Elite Dance and Company once Covid -19 restrictions are lifted.

Community engagement opportunities are integral in creating unity,  especially in racialized communities. EDIFY continues to develop dancers in Neighborhood Improvement Areas under the umbrella of Toronto Strong Neighborhood Strategy 2020. 

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