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As a member of the Elite Dance Family we ask all members to please abide by our strict dress code [see below] when arriving to dance classes and when attending performances with the company.


We also ask parents to please dress appropriately.


• All bottoms (shorts, pants, skirts) should fit properly

• No booty shorts 

• No crop tops

• No mesh or see through tops that exposes undergarments.


• No offensive wording or images on clothing

• At formal events where our students are guests we prefer all females to wear dresses or skirts. Absolutely no ripped jeans. (If you are unsure please have clothing approved by the dance director and or a member of staff)

• At our annual dance recitals and/or any functions our students are participating in, we recommend that all dancers along with their family and friends dress modestly.


It is expected that ALL members planning to participate in the end of year recital must accomplish the following:


1. Fully participate in our fundraising initiatives and raise at least $100.  Student must sell 5 recital tickets on or by March 31 within the dance season.


2. Actively participate in at least two dance workshops hosted by Elite Dance and Company and/or its guests when the opportunity arises.


3. Students must be consistently punctual to classes and miss fewer than 5 classes for the dance season.


4. Be enrolled as a member for at least 2 consecutive terms.

5. Students must be respectful towards our dance family and guests at all times no matter what. Students are not to discriminate in any way shape or form.


Students who do not meet all the above criteria will only be considered for awards at the discretion of instructors.


You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

—Zig Ziglar

“Nothing that’s worth anything is easy.”

—Barack Obama




Students who successfully participate in company initiatives and remain active participants are eligible to receive special promos. 

Promos and discounts may be applied to:

  • Dance Fees [Regular season, March Break Camps or Summer Camps]

  • Competition Fees

  • Company Merchandise

  • Workshops/Seminars

  • Musical and Dance Productions

  • Trips

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