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Students who pay according to our Pandemic Pricing of $30/month for any class; or perhaps for their 2nd or 3rd class according to our current payment structure will continue to do so once the following requirements are met:

1.    Student is punctual to class

2.    Student misses fewer than 6 classes for the dance season

3.    Student stays in good standing at EDIFY by participating in our annual fundraiser and raise $100 or more

4.    Student sells a minimum of 5 recital tickets 


Students who do not meet the requirements will pay $60/month per class.


Should a decline in parent support of our initiatives continue we will make dance financially accessible only to those who are low income earners. A Notice of Assessment for all adults within the household along with additional details would be required.

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To help in our growth, invite your family and friends with kids to check out our website and IG pages.

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